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On March 14th, 2015, at Budapest’s Hotel Flamenco, the Kanadai Magyar Hírlap (Canadian Hungarian Journal),  the online journal that I founded in 2004, received the Free Press Award (Szabad Sajtó díj). According to the Free Press Foundation (Szabad Sajtó Alapítvány), which awards this distinction each year, “the Kanadai Magyar Hírlap is a publication of the western Hungarian diaspora, which provides unprejudiced, critical and values-driven information, and does so within a difficult political climate.”

Christopher Adam, the Founding Editor of the Kanadai Magyar Hírlap, receives the Free Press award on behalf of our media project from László Kránitz and József Tóbiás, at Budapest’s Hotel Flamenco.
Christopher Adam (middle) with other recipients of the 2015 Free Press Award in Budapest.
Christopher Adam. with György Földes (left) and Pál Vastagh (right).
A commemorative pen, produced with Kanadai Magyar Hírlap engraved on it.