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Autumn snapshots…

One of my favourite weekend pastimes is to take regional road trips, mostly in eastern Ontario and in New York’s North Country. In most cases, my only companion is my camera and my only souvenirs are the photos I take along the way. For well over ten years, photography has been a hobby of mine and with winter now looming large, I’m pleased to look back on autumn and share some of the moments I captured over the past several months.

Mighty fine spot, this. A table by the precipice, in Almonte, Ontario. If you read my new book, I Have Demons, you will notice that Almonte features prominently in one of the stories!
So, are you a morning person? (Photo taken at the annual Russell Fair (Russell, Ontario).
Canadian cowboy (Photo taken at the Russell Fair, in Russell, Ontario)
Watertown Farmers’ Market in late September 2018.
It may be the end of September, but the Victorian garden behind Watertown’s Paddock Mansion carries on, electing to take no notice at all of autumn.
This piece entitled “Open Wide,” by Shannon Walter, was part of an exhibit I attended on 29 September 2018 at the Focal Point Gallery in Watertown. A handful of artists in upstate New York were asked to explore what disturbs them in contemporary society. In this case, the artist is most disturbed by what we put in our mouth and in our head.
Close to home. The golden forests of Richelieu Park, in Ottawa. No photo editing needed.
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