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Winter-time in the neighbourhood — Photographs from the Caldwell-Carver Conservation Area

Occasionally my line of work requires that I be in the office most of the weekend. When this happens, I try to take Monday off. My camera had been mostly gathering dust for some time now, while a combination of treacherous sidewalks and overall busyness caused me to neglect going for walks. Today was as good a day as any to finally rectify this situation–in fact, with crisp blue skies, a warm sun and the relentless wind finally off on holiday somewhere, it was a better day than most. I live a stone’s throw from Ottawa’s Caldwell-Carver Conservation Area; its walking paths and the frozen surface of McKay Lake served as the venue for a quiet noon-time walk this eleventh of February.

The textures and colours of McKay Lake in winter. Photo: C. Adam.
Like a dog with a bone. Photo: C. Adam.
Lake Walk — McKay Lake in the winter. Photo: C. Adam.
Sun-lit path. Photo: C. Adam
The glowing surface of McKay lake under a February sun. Photo: C. Adam
Remembering a son… Photo: C. Adam.
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