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My article in the National Catholic Reporter — 20th-century Catholic authors in search of grace

This morning the U.S.-based National Catholic Reporter (NCR) published my piece exploring the complicated Catholic faith of four 20th century authors: Greene, O’Connor, Spark and Waugh. These four are iconic twentieth century British and American writers and novelists who I’ve often reviewed on my website. By publishing in NCR, I can share with a broader audience reflections on the faith-based aspect of these authors — both on how that manifested itself in their work and also in their personal lives. It’s always exciting to see one’s work in print!

The full piece can be read on the NCR’s website by clicking here.

The NCR’s front page on 21 January 2023, featuring my article entitled “20th-century Catholic authors in search of grace.”
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  1. Eleanor Rabnett Eleanor Rabnett

    I sent you my comments on Facebook, so suffice to say “Congratulations” Chris – well done!!!

    • Christopher Adam Christopher Adam

      Thanks very much, Eleanor!

  2. András B. Göllner András B. Göllner

    Excellent essay on these four important authors. Congratulations and thank you for sharing it. András B. Göllner

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