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Palm Sunday 2023 at St. Joseph’s Parish, Ottawa — A Photo Journal

I was tasked with taking photographs from a corner of the choir loft at St. Joseph’s Parish in Ottawa this morning, for Palm Sunday Mass. Most of the photos are from above, with a few others from ground level. Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord begins Holy Week in the Catholic tradition. The purple vestments of Lent, symbolising waiting and penance, are changed to red which represent the passion of Christ. The Passion account, from the Gospel of Matthew, was read in narrative form by lay lectors. (Click on the photos in the gallery below to enlarge.)


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  1. Eleanor Rabnett Eleanor Rabnett

    Wonderful pictures Chris. It was a beautiful gathering of the parish community, a blessing to be with so many others who often attend different liturgies on Sunday mornings.

    • Christopher Adam Christopher Adam

      Thanks, Eleanor! Robert’s homily was great (I recall the scene he mentioned of the Holocaust from Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night), the music was very good and it was nice to see the church full.

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