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A theologian’s thoughts on my book “I Have Demons”

When I arrived to my mother’s house in Montreal Friday evening, where I am spending the weekend, I found this thoughtful letter from theologian and United Church of Canada minister Douglas John Hall on my recently published book I Have Demons

As my book explores the nature of the Divine’s presence in our world and in the lives of my protagonists, I was especially pleased to receive this feedback from such a distinguished and widely published Canadian theologian. Dr. Hall’s most recent work, What Christianity is Not: An Exercise in ‘Negative’ Theology, was published in 2013. More recently, the Anglican Journal profiled Dr. Hall, noting: “Hall’s major contribution to theology was his lifelong advocacy for an intellectually grounded faith…During the past decades when many Christians seem to have grown critical of their church creeds while emphasizing a meaning-based—not a rational—affirmation of faith, Hall has championed a timely respect for the classical/ecumenical Christian traditions…”

Having read some of Dr. Hall’s work and watched a discussion with him on the Presbyterian Record’s YouTube page, it seems that he is particularly interested in exploring the place, purpose and promise of Christian faith in a western society where the Christian Church has been disestablished.

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