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Spring in snapshots

Spring came late this year in my part of the world; either it dragged its feet mulishly or else winter overstayed its welcome. Either way, I’ve had my camera out the past few weekends as I tried to capture small signs of how new life slowly crept into things around me. I spent two of these weekends out of town, while tending to my modest garden at home occupied my time this past Saturday and Sunday. Each year, I try something a little different. This year, I have placed the emphasis on succulents, as they remind me of family who have passed away. My father, aunt, uncle and grandmother are all buried in Montreal’s Mount Royal Cemetery. A simple family plaque stands in memory of their lives, but in this sunny spot atop Mount Royal, the succulents–growing in a thin layer of arid soil around stone and rock–seem to shine.

Succulents in my garden in Ottawa. Photo: C. Adam
Cape Vincent, NY seemed greener than Ireland this May. Photo: C. Adam.
Townhouses and berries in Ottawa’s Lindlea neighbourhood. Photo: C. Adam.
MacKay Street in Ottawa’s New Edinburgh neighbourhood. Photo: C. Adam.
253 MacKay Street, in Ottawa’s New Edinburgh neighbourhood. This heritage building, which was re-purposed and adapted in the year 2000 to become private residences, once served as the National
Research Council’s “Cosmic Ray Laboratory.” Photo: C. Adam.
A game of cricket on the grounds of Rideau Hall, in Ottawa. Photo: C. Adam.
Crooked silver and the dark horse — My mother’s home on Victoria Day weekend in Montreal’s NDG borough. Photo: C. Adam.
The piano and his friend…who happens to be an album featuring the works of Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka. This photo, like the one above, was taken at my mother’s home in Montreal’s NDG borough. Photo: C. Adam.
Victoria day in bloom at my mother’s home in Montreal. Photo: C. Adam.
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