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Feuilleton (1): A reading from Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock

This is an excerpt from Graham Greene’s 1938 novel Brighton Rock read by me, as part of a new series of audio recordings entitled Feuilleton, sampling works of twentieth century literature. In this scene, the young and naive Rose is grappling with the recent suicide of her sociopath husband — who almost took her down with him along his dark, destructive path. She seeks the confessional and the listening ear of an unnamed elderly priest. She goes there to think, and to navigate her misery and sense of guilt.

The recording was produced by sound engineer Jeremy Storey of Storey Book Studios in Ottawa, Canada. For my full book review of Brighton Rock, visit here.

*In nineteenth and twentieth century continental Europe, a Feuilleton often referred to the section of a newspaper focused on literature, literary criticism, the arts or entertainment more generally. Sometimes, novels were serialised in this special section of major European newspapers before they ever appeared as stand-alone books.

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  1. Eleanor Rabnett Eleanor Rabnett

    I loved this Chris – it spoke to me of a place in my own heart with my own struggling. Keep on with what you are about.

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